F4 - 12 & Under Division
Junior Nationals


USSA Eastern Freestyle Championships

Rookie of the Year

USSA Eastern Freestyle

To put it simply, I love to ski. This is the sport for me, in which I have found extravagant joy like no other. The feel of the snow, whether sugary, slushy, or pure ice beneath my skis is like heaven. Most of all, I enjoy mogul skiing as I love the excitement and the risk that each new mogul course throws at me. Accomplishing my run the way I wanted to gives me a feeling that I cherish greatly— success. I love knowing that I nailed my run, absolutely killed the competition. Though there are countless ups and downs in this sport, the enjoyment I receive keeps me going relentlessly. Mogul skiing is the love of my life, and I would love to go far with it.

I have set many goals throughout my ski career and I wish to keep setting more and to attain them to the fullest. Some of my goals are to win Junior Nationals, US Nationals, podium at Junior Worlds, and to go to the Olympics in 2018 in South Korea. Basically, I want to take over the world of mogul skiing. Also, I fervently want to help the world with my accomplishments and with my mogul skiing status. I have confidence in myself and believe that I can go quite far within the mogul skiing world yet also want to do good with my achievements.